About Us


                 The Yellow Brick Road 


        PediPuffs began in 2017 when I grew tired of waiting in a crowded Brooklyn nail salon to have my pedicure dried but also didn’t want to risk it getting smudged. Nursing can be extremely hard on your feet and pedicures are soothing and helpful, especially when your toes look good! Balancing a busy career and being a mom always has me looking for time saving methods that allow for self care. On my over night shift as an LPN, my ID holder's floral shape design caught my attention. The size and design fit my flip flop perfectly when I got home that morning and attached it to the shoe. PediPuffs was born. 


          On-line research and attending a trade show lead me to a provisional patent and completed trademark application on Legal Zoom. My cousin Lavon Minott help me create some of the first images and design looks of PediPuffs and its components. 3D Brooklyn, reviewed the parts and drawings during a consultation and a created 3D prints and CAD files in just a few weeks.  


          PediPuffs is an example of the most recent technology in entrepreneurial manufacturing for inventors. Utilizing Legal Zoom, 3D Brooklyn and Upwork as a fast track to manufacturing has this product patented, trademarked, prototyped and ready for the next step. This exciting new innovation offers a unique solution and is ready to deliver a superior new experience to all toes. PediPuffs could be delivered to feet in need of pampering more efficiently by partnering with a corporation looking to accelerate unique innovative solutions on a long term basis. A growth ready partner can help PediPuffs past the yellow brick road to homes, nail salons, and beaches all over the world, reinventing the way pedicures are done.




Yasmin Budd Anderson, Inventor